My Services


Full Bath

Premium, all natural, biodegradable shampoo and conditioner (suited to the dog’s skin and coat type)

Towel dry

Hand-held fluff dry


Ears cleaned

Nails trimmed

Fragrance (unless otherwise specified)

Flea-bath (Additional $15)

Medicated shampoo (Additional $15)

Skunk bath (Additional $15)



Full-body hair-style and trim, suited to your preference

Full Bath


Sanitary Trim

Paw Pads Shaved

Ear Plucking (upon request only)

Touch Up Groom_dog

Touch Up Groom

In-between grooms, this can include: face, feet, sanitary, feathers, belly, tail, and ears

Ear Plucking (upon request only)

Upgrades & Add-Ons

Anal Glands Expressed (external only, $10)

De-Matting ($25/half hour)

Teeth-Brushing ($10)

Nails Dremeled ($5)

Paw Pads Shaved ($5)

Sanitary Shave ($10)

Prices are based on size and need of your dog. Other factors considered are behavior, age, whether your dog is on a regular grooming schedule, and whether its coat is matted or has burrs.

Please contact me for an estimate!(619) 955-0878

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